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Offices 20, Soetan Street, Asero Estate, Abeokuta
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To see Africa liberated from the shackles of Poverty and Hunger through Innovation, Capacity Building and Technology Transfer in Aquaculture.


AHAN's offers several courses targetted towards multiple value chains of the Aquaculture industry. Some of these courses are:

- Introduction to Aquaculture (AQU 1000)
- Aquaculture Enterprise Development (AQU 5000)
- Water Quality Management (AQU 5010)
- Fish Breeding (AQU 5020)
- Fish Processing (FSP 6030)
- Fish Value Addition (FSP 6040)
- Fabrication of Fish Gears 1 (TCN 6100)
- Fabrication of Fish Gears 2 (TCN 6110)
- Aquarium Design and Construction (ADC 6200)
- Ornamental Fish Farming (OFF 6210)


Fish Shoal Nigeria is the commercial arm of our organization. At the moment, Fish Shoal Nigeria operates the following:

Commercial Farm (Catfish and Tilapia Fish Seeds, Catfish and Tilapia Table Fish):
- Catfish Fingerlings (5.4 Million Capacity per Annum)
- Tilapia Fingerlings (10 Million Capacity per Annum)

Demonstration Farm (Fish Processing, Ornamentals Fish Farm):
- Ornamental Fish Farm (14 Fish Species, 5,000 Capacity per Annum)
- Fish Processing Demonstration (2.1 Tons Dry Weight Capacity per Annum)



The Technical Department of Aquatic Hub Afrique Network Limited designs, constructs, and fabricates fish gears and equipment needed across multiple value chains. The department has taken up projects of great magnitude across different parts of the country and delivered upon conclusion. Equipmet and Fish Gears fabricated are:

- Modern Smoking Kilns (100 KG, 150 KG, and 250 KG Capacity)
- Fish Cages (Big Cages 6X6X3 Metres and Small Cages 3X3X3 Metres)
- Fibre Glass Tanks (Circular, Rectangular, and Hatching Troughs)
- Aquariums
- Collapsible Tanks, Wooden Vats, Concrete and Earthen Ponds
- Boats and Small Floating Vessels (Fibre Glass and Steel)

All of these equipment and fish gears are also fabricated with the preferences of the client in mind.

Previous Programs and Projects

Our industry experience, spanning over 20 years has enabled us commence and conclude several programs and projects of different magnitudes. Some of these programs and projects can be viewed below:
WAAPP (2017)
The West African Agriculture Productivity Program (WAAPP) was a springboard for our organizations to attain milestone achievements in the production of quality fingerlings for fish farmers in Nigeria. The program also helped us devise a strategy to own our value chain in commercial aquaculture. while also continuing to excel in fish production and expanding into processing and packaging of different fish products.
In 2018, Aquatic Hub Afrique Network was contracted to build the capacity of Fifty-four (54) beneficiaries of the Third National Fadama Development Project (Fadama III) tagged FADAMA Graduate and Unemployed Youths Scheme (GUYS). Pictures form the program can be accessed by clicking below.
BAV FEED AFRICA (2019 - 2020)
The Bayelsa State Government contracted Aquatic Hub Afrique Network, the training partner of Aquaseas Company Limited to train and equip 1000 Bayelsa Women and Youths on Aquaculture Enterprise Development; this we did across four cohorts. The program commenced in 2019 and ended in 2020, pictures can be viewed by clicking below.
Aquatic Hub Afrique Network was contracted to equip 502 beneficiaries with knowledge about Aquaculture Enterprise Development while also ensuring they tour other value-chains of Aquaculture. Beneficiaries were trained and later supported with Start-up grants. The project details can be viewed by clicking below.
The AFOS German-Nigeria Foundation COVID-19 project was centred on supporting their long-term farmers with capacity building sessions delivered by AHAN on Fish Processing, Packaging, Preservation and Value-Addition and this was carried out in four different locations across Nigeria. The best of the trainees were also selected to enjoy capacity building sessions in Aquaponics with AHAN and this was well carried out; the trainees were then supported with Modern Smoking Kilns and Aquaponics Systems setup. Pictures from the project can be viewed by clicking below.
BATNF FTF PROJECT (2020 - 2021)
The British America Tobacco Nigeria Foundation (BATNF) Fingerlings to Fork (FTF) project implemented by AHAN was hosted in April, 2021 in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State with 300 women and youths as project beneficiaries. The beneficiaries were trained on the 21st century approach towards promoting Good Aquaculture Practices and the best cohort were supported with a Modern Smoking Kiln. Project details can be accessed by clicking below.

Obasanjo Farms NigeriaAgbeloba Aquaculture Hub

The design, construction and the final setup of the Agbeloba Aquaculture Hub. Click below to see

AIFAfrican Inland Fisheries Ltd

We receive requests form African Inland Fisheries Ltd all year round for the construction and installation of fish equipment and infrastructures. Some of the installations we have made can be seen by clicking below.

OORBDAOgun-Oshun River Basin Development Authority

AHAN is the go-to center for the design, fabrication and installation of all Ogun-Oshun River Basin Development's Aquaculture equipment on the Oyan Dam. Pictures from the installations can be seen below.

AFOSAFOS Foundation

From Aquaponics Setup and Installation to the fabrication of Modern Fish Dryers, AHAN is the one-stop centre for all AFOS Fish Farmers. Pictures from previous deliveries can be seen by clicking below.