Fish Shoal Nigeria


To produce and distribute the highest quality fish seeds to farmers and best brands of value added products of fish and feeds to customers in good time and at affordable prices.

Core Values

• Customer satisfaction
• Health
• Integrity
• Peak performance
• Professionalism


To see Fish Shoal Nigeria being synonymous to aquaculture in Africa; building core competence areas in aquaculture to first class global standards.


We breed and package fish products

  • Fingerlings and Juveniles of both Catfish, Tilapia and Ornamental fish
  • Packaged Smoked fish
  • Table sized fish
  • Fish feed
  • Sales of Hatchery  equipment.
  • Construction of farms


We distribute, with focus on nationwide and export. We have a distribution network for all forms of fish products with a central warehousing location per geopolitical zone and manage our network for distributing to wholesale clients.


The Buyback/ Market linkage is to guarantee total success story and to ensure profitability and sustainable growth in business. Fish Shoal Nigeria which is the trading arm of the Aquatic Hub is solely responsible for the market, intelligence gathering, product aggregation and linkages along the value chain, Fish Shoal Nigeria ensures a buyback in situations where farmers can’t sell profitably.

This strategy is a win-win model to ensure a smooth relationship between all the players along the value chain. Over the years Fish Shoal Nigeria (trading partner) has created emerging market space with its strong alliance the biggest aquaculture and Marine industries in Africa, We also are strengthening our intra-Africa sales.