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Monday - Friday9AM - 5PM
Offices 20, Soetan Street, Asero Estate, Abeokuta
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Aquatic Hub Afrique Network is an offshoot of Fish Shoal Nigeria. Fish Shoal Nigeria (Trading Arm of Aquatic Hub Afrique) was founded in 2006 and incorporated in 2011, solely to address the production of good quality fish in Nigeria. The huge potential in the Aquaculture Industry over the years has increased but the vehicles to deliver the desired growth are missing due to lack of skilled key players (staff) responsible for the production of fish. On this premise, Fish Shoal Nigeria decided to establish a pan-African Aquaculture training centre in February, 2017.

Nigeria’s aquaculture industry is largely untapped, and is characterized by poor access to soft credit facilities, lack of the requisite technical skills and the unavailability of good quality and moderately priced fish seeds and feeds, all of which mitigates the sector’s growth and development. The total annual fish demand in Nigeria is estimated at 3.4 million metric tons. About 40% of this demand is met domestically resulting in an annual import expenditure of over N125billion ($625 million) on fish. An expansion in the domestic production of fish will create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for unemployed youth and women, and this can be achieved by building their skill set (technical and entrepreneurial), teaching them basic principles of civic development, providing access to financial resources, providing market linkages and supporting them through mentorship.

Aquatic Hub Afrique Network (AHAN) was established for the purpose of capacity building in Agriculture with its primary focus on Aquaculture. AHAN is an organization established with the aim of creating and expanding employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for target groups along the aquaculture value chain. It adopts an empowerment model that focuses on building core competencies of individuals (youth, women, aged, retirees, etc.) to profitably manage businesses along the aquaculture value chain; AHAN also engages in civic development and mentorship of trainees. Aquatic Hub Afrique Network is a member of the United Nations Private Sector Advisory Group.


20, Soetan Street,Asero,
Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria



Our Mission
Our mission is to increase knowledge, teach skills to achieve high productivity in Aquaculture for a sustainable future.

Our Vision
To see Africa liberated from the shackles of Poverty and Hunger through Innovation, Capacity Building and Technology Transfer in Aquaculture.

Our Justification

We currently have an average of 11kg per capita consumption of fish in Nigeria and we still result to importation to supply about 59% of this demand.

Based on the F.A.O Standard of an average of 21kg per capita consumption of Fish, we would need to raise about 400,000 new Fish Farmers to meet this standard if we do not want to continue turning to importation as a means of filling up the supply gap.

With a population growth rate of 2.6%, after we must have met this supply gap by injecting 400,000 new Fish Farmers into the Aquaculture industry, we would need to be injecting a further 5,000 new Fish Farmers every year to satisfy this growth rate.

Our Conviction

We cannot break the shackles of Poverty and Hunger without building the capacity of the key players involved, we also believe that Agriculture remains the bailout for Africa’s unemployment, the value chain is insatiable.

We are convinced that when we increase the knowledge of our farmers especially the smallholder farmers, women and youth, our outcome or yields from our farms will increase. This will have a multiple effect on tackling poverty, hunger and unemployment.

Sustainable Agriculture and Zero Hunger
We align our vision with sustainable agriculture through aquaculture value chain with the stern focus on zero hunger in Africa.

Employment Generation
Our focus is to use aquaculture as a tool to create jobs thereby reducing unemployment in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Diversity, Inclusion and Skill Gap
We are an insightful believer of aquaculture diversity; we encourage social inclusion to close skill gap in the society.

Technology, Innovation and Research
Our uniqueness in the industry is as a result of continuous research which brings about new ground-breaking innovations. We are also solving problems ravaging the African aquaculture space using New Media and the Exponential Technologies.

Poverty Alleviation
In our organization, the value chain we so much cherish is a driver towards poverty alleviation.
Demonstration Centre
Our demonstration center is accessible within a 7-minutes walking distance from the Training institute. It also has a farm where trainees and interns of the institute have full privileges to express, learn, master and put into direct practice all that they have learnt in the immersion class. There is also a unit where trainees and interns have the opportunity to acquire basic skills on ornamental fish culturing, fish processing and value addition, aquarium design and construction.

Living Spaces
Within a 5-minute walk, there is provision for accommodation facilities with capacity of 150 bed spaces designed for both male and female trainees with all functional facilities such as water, bed space, constant electricity, cable television, security, relaxation center and private chalet for families. The facilities are located in a secure estate with access to hospital facilities.

Well Equipped Laboratory
Our laboratory is well equipped with the capacity to handle diverse laboratory tests which includes water sampling and analysis, fish disease control and quality assurance.

21st Century Training Hub
A serene environment with a seating capacity of about 120 trainees in our immersion classes fitted with modern multimedia equipment, high speed internet, blended learning facilities, laboratory and experienced faculty.

Our Aquaculture Value-Chain Incubation Facility (AVACIF) is located in the Sagamu area of Ogun State, the AVACIF also doubles as our aquaculture commercial center in order to give trainees a practical expose; the AVACIF is a one stop center for aquaculture where we have a concentration of hatchers, grow out farmers, processors and other aquaculture market actors.


Absolutely spot-on!

I had an awesome experience at AHAN, not only did they increase my knowledge on all the aquaculture value chains, I was also taught the business angle of the industry.
Onasanya Habeeb
Emeerates Farms

Best Decision Ever

Aquatic Hub Afrique is an organization dedicated to impacting knowledge, an organization that makes you know that you are useful and of great importance. The few months i spent in AHAN as an Intern were wonderful
Damilola Edun
Intern, 2018

Great Experience!

Dynamically target high-payoff intellectual capital for customized technologies. Objectively integraThe two weeks I spent at Aquatic Hub Afrique was worth it. I now have a re-branded mindset. My knowledge about the Aquaculture Industry has increased greatly.
Rahma Disu
Aquashams Breeders

All the right answers

Aquatic Hub is the best place to learn when it comes to Fisheries. Conducive training rooms with great facilitators, the facilities were just top-notch. Aquatic Hub is a model for any Aquaculture training outfit.
Leshi Oluwasegun
Leshy Farms

Awesome Experience!

My experience at Aquatic Hub was a thrilling and educative one, where i got to meet and interact with farmers. Most importantly, competent and experienced facilitators who helped to accomplish our goals
Zainab Adesokan
Voda Farms

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council consist of seasoned experts in fields that are essential to what we do. We turn to these set of visionaries for advice and tutelage.