Our Services

Micro-Seed Funding/Extension Supports

Successful trainees will be part of a wider group of entrepreneurs who have access to core extension services that is lacking in Nigeria, relating to sourcing for good quality feeds, parent fish (brood-stock for production of disease-resistant and fast-growing fingerlings), water management, transportation and market access.

Co-operative Scheme

The graduates of the academy will evolve into cooperative society and will leverage on its extensive network partnership with development finance institutions for sustainable funding through discounted loans and services.

Staff Training and Laboratory Services

We offer the best in-class training facilities, curriculum as well as entrepreneurial and risk management insight to Aquaculture. With a sitting capacity of over 50 trainees, multimedia equipment, laboratory and experienced faculty-including a group of dedicated lecturers from University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

Why Aquatic Hub?

Lack of Science-backed Training

Absence of certified reference laboratory for Aquaculture in Nigeria to contextually analyze yield and growth in farms.

Skill gaps and Unemployment

A lot of young school leavers and even graduates of aquaculture do not have the required skills and confidence to understand how to manage a successful Aquaculture outfit


With a working population of at least 70 million, Nigeria still struggles to feed itself  with gross deficiency in protein.

Our Partners